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23 de janeiro de 2024/

In agriculture, OWL’s solutions provide farmers, banks, and insurers with detailed crop analysis, optimised field layouts, and real-time monitoring of absorbed carbon. This enhances productivity, sustainability, and risk management. Our data demonstrates farmland value, yield, and quantifies absorbed carbon inside the land property, aiding banks…


23 de janeiro de 2024/

Energy companies transitioning to sustainable energy, and adhering to the “do no significant harm” (DNSH) principle, rely on OWL’s data to identify optimal locations for renewable resources and support environmental impact assessments, compliance, and operational efficiency. Our solutions minimise environmental impact on sensitive ecosystems, support…


22 de janeiro de 2024/

Infrastructure managers and government agencies benefit from OWL’s geospatial data, delivering real-time insights for effective planning, risk assessment, and maintenance of infrastructure assets. Our solutions offer detailed information on infrastructure conditions and environmental factors, supporting proactive management and efficient resource allocation. By facilitating quick disaster…


22 de janeiro de 2024/

For construction companies and developers, OWL offers comprehensive site analysis, construction integration simulations, and real-time monitoring. Our solutions ensure safety, sustainability, and efficient resource management throughout site selection, planning, design, and construction phases. We analyse topography, soil, and proximity to amenities, assess natural disaster risks,…

Urban Development

22 de janeiro de 2024/

OWL’s solutions empower municipalities and urban planners by providing detailed, location-based insights for efficient land use, environmental sustainability, and risk management. Our tools facilitate environmental impact assessments, optimise building and infrastructure planning, and support real-time mapping and stakeholder engagement. By enabling proactive monitoring and data-driven…

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